Efficient Family Law

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Discover the answer to all of your questions about family law matters with the guidance of Paul Urtz. Paul has more than 25 years of experience handling domestic relations cases, as well as a history of trying divorce cases in every Denver Metropolitan area and Eagle counties. He is available to provide assistance in all areas of family law, including:


•  Explaining Legal Rights & Responsibilities in a
   Divorce Case

•  Analyzing Complex Financial Matters to Obtain an
   Equitable Property Division

•  Assisting the Self-Represented Client with Court
   Procedures & Document Preparation, including
   Separation Agreement & Parenting Plan
•  Negotiating and Preparing Prenuptial or Post-nuptial
•  Negotiating or Litigating Matters Involving a Post-
   Divorce Modification of Court Orders


Paul strives to provide all of his clients with prompt advice, as well as practical and cost-effective solutions to their legal issues. He is able to serve as a neutral mediator or arbitrator at a reduced hourly rate.

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